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My Story


Iíve always loved to do hair (up-doís especially), makeup and work-out  -  I now offer beauty "inside and out" to cater to the brides of today.

My wedding business began 15 years ago when I did my first wedding for my best friend.  Deep down I knew it was what I truly loved to do, but the road I took to get there was a little windy.  I graduated from UMass Amherst with a BS in Consumer Studies and focused the first 10 years or so on sales and account management.  I loved to do hair, but wasn't quite ready to leave my career.  I continued to do bridal hair on the side while I was worked in Corporate America to have a creative outlet.  As my 30th birthday approached, I couldnít deny my true calling any longer.   I threw caution to the wind, cashed in my stock options (many people thinking I was quite mad) and went to hair school to do what I truly loved!  Somewhere along the way I ended up in a few commercials.  I received my MA Cosmotology License in 2005 and havenít looked back.   I have now been doing both hair and makeup for the past 7 years.  The business has grown substantially and mostly by word of mouth!  I have partnered with some amazing people, photographers, makeup artists and florists along the way.

 A few years ago I was crazy enough to do my own wedding.  I did my hair and makeup and the hair of  my flower girl, Matron of Honor, and my mother-in-law.  I mean you didn't think I could let anyone else do my hair and makeup for my wedding, did you?

I now have pictures of the big day (amazing photography by Alycia Braga).

In 2009 I phased out of the "Bridal Basic Training" and Personal Training aspect of my business.  Why you ask?  Well, in March of 2009, we welcomed our daughter Sonia to the Marcinowski family then again in September of 2010 we welcomed our son Elijah (yes we had a busy 2 years).  Although I still enjoy working out and physical fitness, I am focusing more on the hair and makeup area of my company so I can spend more time with Sonia and Elijah.


So thatís my story and how Simply Blissful has evolved..  More updates and pictures to come!


Deborah Marcinowski (Berkowitz)


  My beautiful sister and I at her wedding (both of our hair done by me)

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